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G76   -   Compressor Library for Nebula3 Pro audio plugin








  • Instant Download
  • G76 is a Compressor Library for Acustica Audio Nebula3 Pro
  • 192kHz
  • 96kHz 
  • 44.1kHz
  • It was sampled and programmed in a way which allows ultra fast compression while still reproducing all the little nuances and characteristics of the original hardware and saving CPU!
  • Seperate Harmonic Distortion and Compression programs for the best quality with the least amount of CPU usage!
  • Control over the amount of Harmonic Distortion independently from the amount of compression from clean to super distorted!
  • Includes 8 Harmonic and LineAmp programs with different degrees of distortion, from subtle to heavily distorted.
  • Inculdes Combo programs! (All ration within one program with interpolation)
  • Includes HQ versions of all programs (Using the TIMED engine)
  • Features the internal high pass filter for all programs
  • Includes SC versions of all programs (For external side chain)
  • Includes NC versions of all programs (For Nebula Compressor, offers the best compression behavior)
  • Includes NL versions of all programs (For Nebula Compressor, offers the best compression behavior while using less CPU)
  • Includes PEAK versions using the PEAK detection mode
  • Includes Feedback and Feedforward compression version of all programs!
  • Consists of 505 programs 
  • Library size 1.18GB 
  • Requires Nebula3 Pro or Nebula Server


  • To download the Demo, please click here: G76 Demo (For Nebula3 Commercial)


<cke:param name="movie" value="http://g76player.gemini-audio.net/xspf_player.swf?playlist_url=http://g76player.gemini-audio.net/g76_3.xspf"="">


About the original hardware

This library is based on a 1176LN, one of the most sought after FET compressors. It features Class A circuitry, custom designed output transformersm and FET-type gain reduction. It‘s one of the most popular compressors for Bass, Snare, Drums, Vocals and everything else.

The sampling process

The compressor has been carefully sampled at 96kHz and 192kHz, using top notch mastering converters, and high quality cables with levels carefully calibrated and matched to provide the highest quality. No destructive digital processing like normalization was used. The 44.1kHz programs where downsampled using one of the best sample rate converters right now.
Audio characteristics and features.
This is a very versatile, fast, agressive and fat compressor which can be used on a wide range of tasks in all kinds of musical styles. You can use it on single signals like Vocals, Drums, Guitars, Brass, Piano, Bass, Keyboards or on Busses. All programs feature the „Range“ parameter which controls an internal high pass filter to make the compressor react only to frequencies above the high pass frequency.
The „HQ“ Versions offer higher quality and use the TIMED engine while needing more CPU power.
The „SC“-Versions enable you to trigger the compression by an external sidechain for side chain compression or de-essing. For more information on how to do it, please refer to the following thread: http://www.acustica-audio.com/forum/index.php?f=11&t=1073&hilit=external%20sidechain%20f&rb_v=viewtopic  
The „NC“ Versions provide the most accurate compression behavior and can only be used with Nebula Compressor (Self modified copy of Nebula).
The „NL“ Versions are the perfect compromise between regular programs and „NC“ programs, with much less CPU usage and a little bit slower reaction time than the „NC“ Versions. The „NC SC“ programs are „NC“ versions for use with an external sidechain.
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Program List
All compressor programs are also available as PEAK, Fead-Back, Fead-Forwad, HQ-, SC-, NC, NL, NL SC, and NC SC- Versions too. Also all programs are available in 44.1kHz, 96kHz and 192kHz.
G76  4:1
G76  8:1
G76  12:1
G76   20:1
G76   All
G76 Combo
G76 Harmonics 12%
G76 Harmonics 25%
G76 Harmonics 38%
G76 Harmonics 50%
G76 Harmonics 63%
G76 Harmonics 75%
G76 Harmonics 88%
G76 Harmonics 100%
G76 LineAmp 12%
G76 LineAmp 25%
G76 LineAmp 38%
G76 LineAmp 50%
G76 LineAmp 63%
G76 LineAmp 75%
G76 LineAmp 88%
G76 LineAmp 100%



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