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Product Code: Library for Nebula
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KultComp    -   Compressor Library for Nebula3 Pro audio plugin







  • Instant Download
  • KultComp is a Compressor/DeCompressor Library for Acustica Audio Nebula3 Pro
  • 96kHz 
  • 44.1kHz
  • The first Nebula Library that features DeCompression!
  • Includes Soft Knee Compression!
  • Inculdes Combo programs! (All ration within one program with interpolation)
  • Extended release times for all programs! (Up to 10 seconds instead of the original 2 seconds)
  • Includes HQ versions of all programs (Using the TIMED engine)
  • Includes HP versions of all programs (Internal high pass filter)
  • Includes SC versions of all programs (For external side chain)
  • Includes NC versions of all programs (For Nebula Compressor, offers the best compression behavior)
  • Includes NL versions of all programs (For Nebula Compressor, offers the best compression behavior while using less CPU)
  • Includes PEAK versions using the PEAK detection mode
  • Consists of 879 programs 
  • Library size 2.18GB 
  • Requires Nebula3 Pro or Nebula Server


  • To download the Demo, please click here: KultComp Demo (For Nebula3  Commercial)
  • To download the Demo, please click here: KultComp Demo (For Nebula3 Free)



About the original hardware

This library is based on a Modern German Tube Compressor which is loved by many for its versatility and outstanding audio quality with the musicality and user-friendliness that this company's units stand for. It finds its application in Mastering, Mixing and Recording. Discrete, very high performance gain cells were developed for this compressor and are used instead of the usual VCAs. This compressor is the first product to use them. They ensure the highest level of musicality and clarity in signal processing and demonstrate significantly improved distortion values over VCAs.

The sampling process

The compressor has been carefully sampled at 96kHz, using top notch mastering converters, and high quality cables with levels carefully calibrated and matched to provide the highest quality. No destructive digital processing like normalization was used. The 44.1kHz programs where downsampled using one of the best SRC right now.


Audio characteristics and features.

This is a very precise, transparent, pleasant sounding and musical compressor, which is very versatile and can be used on a wide range of tasks in all kinds of musical styles. You can use it on single signals like Vocals, Drums, Guitars, Brass, Piano, Bass, Keyboards or on Busses. And it's also very good for mastering.

This library features extended release times which go beyond the original 2 seconds to up to 10 seconds. Also included in this library is the Decompression function. It works the exact opposite way to regular compression and can be used to expand the dynamics of an over-compressed signal back to where it originally was. Another example would be removing some room on Drums.

The "HQ" versions offer higher quality and use the TIMED engine while needing more CPU power. The "SC"-Versions enables you to trigger the compression by an external sidechain for side chain compression/decompression or De-Essing. For more information on how to do it, please refer to this forum thread.

The "HP"-Versions use an high pass filter for the trigger signal internally, so you can make the compressor react only to frequencies above the high pass frequency, this parameter is called "Range" in Nebula. The "NC" versions provide the most accurate compression behavior and can only be used with Nebula Compressor (Self modified copy of Nebula). The "NC SC" programs are "NC" versions for use with an external sidechain.

After you finish the paypal payment process, you'll be immediately able to access two download links through your member account. One link is for the single programs and one is for the combos. Since both work independently, you can also download only one of them. It's recommended to use a download manager, which is integrated into your browser, so you can resume the download in case you lose connection.
Program List
All compressor programs are available as HQ-, SC-, HP-, and NC- Versions too.
KultComp 1.2:1
KultComp 1.7:1
KultComp    2:1
KultComp    3:1
KultComp    6:1
KultComp  16:1
KultComp  20:1
KultComp   LIM
KultComp  1.2:1 Soft
KultComp  1.7:1 Soft
KultComp      2:1 Soft 
KultComp      3:1 Soft
KultComp      6:1 Soft
KultComp    16:1 Soft
KultComp    20:1 Soft
KultComp    LIM   Soft
KultDeComp 1.2:1
KultDeComp 1.7:1
KultDeComp    2:1
KultDeComp    3:1
KultDeComp    6:1
KultDeComp  16:1
KultDeComp  20:1
KultDeComp   LIM
KultComp           Combo
KultComp Soft  Combo
KultDecomp      Combo
KultComp LineAmp   
KultComp LineAmp   HQ
KultComp LineAmp   SE 
KultComp LineAmp   44.1
KultComp LineAmp   HQ 44.1
KultComp LineAmp   SE  44.1


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