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KultComp Tube

KultComp Tube
Product Code: Library for Nebula
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KultComp Tube  - Library for Nebula3 audio plugin    






  • Instant Download
  • Features the full distortion effect now!
  • KultComp Tube is a Tube Distoriton Library for Acustica Audio Nebula3
  • Includes Extension programs for full distortion effect. (Requires two instances of nebula)
  • 96kHz and 44.1kHz
  • Stereo Programs
  • Includes 10 Kenel programs
  • Includes HQ programs (10 Kernel programs using the TIMED engine)
  • Includes SE versions of all programs (CPU friendly 5 Kernel programs)
  • Consists of 84 programs 
  • Libraby size 800MB 
  • Reqires Nebula3, Nebula3 Pro or Nebula Server
  • To download the Kernel reduced Demo, please click here: KultComp Tube Demo (For Nebula3 Commercial)


  • Gemini Audio has added a Bonus to the KultComp Tube Library.  Inspired by the new G610 library, the new bonus program gives you all the tube harmonics of the hardware set to 100% in just one program without the need of using any extension program. So now you get all the Tube Harmonics from the 100% setting with just one instance of nebula. 




About the original hardware


This library is based on the Tube Harmonics function of a Modern German Tube Compressor which is loved by many for its versatility and outstanding audio quality with the acclaimed musicality and user-friendliness that this company‘s units stand for. It finds it‘s application in Mastering, Mixing and Recording. Discrete, very high performance gain cells where developed for this compressor and are used instead of the usual VCAs. This compressor is the first product to use them. They ensure the highest level of musicality and clarity in signal processing and demonstrate significantly improved distortion values over VCAs. The adjustable tube saturation of the output stages combined with automatic output level adjustment can produce tube sound effects that range from the delicate to the raucous.

The sampling process


Carefully sampled with all natural imperfections and nuances in a professional recording studio with high quality analog and digital cables, master grade top notch converters with audio levels perfectly matched and calibrated at 96kHz sample rate. Precisely programmed without normalizing or other destructive digital processing. While Nebula is probably the best plugin to reproduce all the little nuances a analog unit has to offer, unfortunately nebula is only able to handle a certain amount of harmonic distortion which is why this library is split into two parts, the programs from 5-30% and the extension programs which have to be combinded with the 30% program for the full distortion effect.

Audio characteristics

This library features warm Tube Harmonics ranging from very subtle to more noticeable. It can be used to give single signals that special character or on the Stereo Bus to glue your mix together.  The LineAmp program represents the signal path of the sampled unit without any processing. You can use it like a preamp to change the color of a signal.



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Contained programs (Includes SE and HQ versions of each program, 96kHz and 44.1kHz versions)

       - KultComp Tube LineAmp
       - KultComp Tube 2%
       - KultComp Tube 5%
       - KultComp Tube 10%
       - KultComp Tube 15%
       - KultComp Tube 20%
       - KultComp Tube 30%
       - KultComp Tube 40% EXT
       - KultComp Tube 50% EXT
       - KultComp Tube 60% EXT
       - KultComp Tube 70% EXT
       - KultComp Tube 80% EXT
       - KultComp Tube 90% EXT
       - KultComp Tube 100% EXT


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